Upcoming Events

August 2023

August 12
Leading “Encouraging Courage” workshop at Montreat Women’s Connection, Montreat, NC

August 20
Preacher, Massanutten Presbyterian Church

September 2023

September 9
Speaker and workshop leader, Shenandoah Presbytery’s  2023 Big Event “Faithful Decisions in Difficult Times”, Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center

Past Events

April 2023

April 1
West Virginia Presbytery “Festival of Faith” Keynote Presenter and Workshop Leader, First Presbyterian Church, Charleston, WV, on Risking Listening, Learning, and Teaching

February 2023

February 26
Preaching at Second Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

February 27-28
Cecil and Ruth Boddie Farmer Chapel Guest Speaker, University of the Ozarks

January 2023

January 15
Speaker at Presbytery of Eastern Virginia Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Service of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia 

December 2022

December 3
Preaching at Union Presbyterian Seminary-Charlotte Chapel Service at 11:45am

December 4
Preaching at Caldwell Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

December 9
Guest on Pittsburg Theological Seminary BookTALKS

November 2022

November 9
Webinar on Necessary Risks for Ukirk Collegiate Ministries

November 17
Webinar of Necessary Risks for Ukirk students, chaplains and campus ministers

November 18
Keep Awake High School Youth Retreat, Massanetta Conference Center, Teaching on Power, Systems, and Creating Change 

September 2022

September 12-13, 2022, Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Plenary Speaker on Necessary Risks

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