Worth Sharing

2738957753_02e2b6c1ff_oThree blog posts I read this past week that were worth sharing:

The Displaced Person: Reading Flannery O’Connor in the Age of Islamophobia by Dave Griffith.

I love Flannery O’Connor so I was immediately drawn into Griffith’s article. Then I recognized Griffith’s brilliance in highlighting O’Connor’s short story, The Displaced Person when our states and nations are currently running scared from welcoming Syrian refugees and Donald Trump’s rhetoric against Muslims is getting more extreme and obscene. The Displaced Person, according to Griffith, is a story that brims with overt criticism of Christian racists–which is why it is worth revisiting now and why Griffith’s article is worth reading.

Sounding a similar note, John Buchanan’s post, Fear Not, offers an important reminder that Christians are not to be ruled by fear.  Buchanan quotes novelist Marilynne Robinson who recently wrote:

We make irrational responses to irrational fear.” One thinks, for instance, of the ludicrous suggestion to bar all Syrian refugees from entering the United States. And “fearfulness obscures the distinction between real threats on the one hand and on the other hand terrors that beset those who see threats everywhere.” e.g. the proposal to bar all Muslims from entering the country. Finally, “Granted the fears of the world, it is potentially a very costly indulgence to fear indiscriminately and to try to stimulate fear in others.” That is it exactly – Trump is a “very costly indulgence.”

On a lighter note, I’m proud of my student interns, who this past semester have kept up with their blogging.  I thought Angela’s most recent post, Staying Thankful was beautifully written.  I especially liked how she related taking final exams to getting your teeth scraped at the dentist.

*Posted in response to The Daily Press’ Writing Prompt.

[Feature Image: Mike Licht]

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