17141362305_84fb15ce3e_oI climbed a tree today.  An old silver maple with perfect, low limbs.  Why don’t more 44-year-old women climb trees?

I don’t feel 44.  I feel late 20’s.  Maybe it’s because I know I still have so much to learn.  Why am I not getting carded anymore?

The view from the top of that tree was amazing.  I looked down on our house for the first time.  We should change our perspective more often.

I’m working on a flash essay about the time my children found a dead possum in our backyard.  I think the essay is about encountering death.  But it’s too soon to tell.

There is a red coffee mug on the desk next to me.  I got it for free because it was mistakenly imprinted with a  palm tree on the side.

I’m quoting more Buddhists in my work with college students.  This realization is interesting to me.

I used my core strength to climb that tree today.  All those sit-ups are paying off.

[Feature Image: James M]

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