Jesus Cleanses the Temple: A Contemporary Retelling

22834033495_9c77bd31f9_oMy husband, the Rev. Dr. Daniel J. Ott, just wrote this contemporary retelling of Mark 11: 15-18 for his sermon this coming Sunday.  What an important text for what is going on in our society today.  Thanks to Dan for giving me permission to share.

“Today an indigent man shocked the community when he staged a violent protest in a house of worship. Little is known about the man who may have been radicalized by participation in secret cells in a rural area. Earlier in the day, he appears to have been part of another protest that involved blocking a primary highway into the city. As bystanders looked on in horror and fear, the man disrupted commerce by terrorizing vendors and attempting to destroy currency. He was ranting about government violence against marginalized peoples and the hypocrisy of people of faith who would not stand with “the oppressed.” The man seems to have slipped away in the crowd, but religious leaders are calling for a restoration of law and order. A spokesperson said that they would definitely file charges if and when the man is caught. “This sort of lawlessness cannot be tolerated,” one witness said, “if it were up to me, these protestors would be put to death.”

[Feature Image: Sean P. Anderson]

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